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Laven Bodycare is a natural body care brand that promotes self-care and self-love as a ritual for women who care for their bodies inside and out. Laven offers small-batch body butter, exfoliating scrubs, face masks, and more. Laven Bodycare also creates in-person and online content including yoga sessions, health and wellness seminars, and holistic recipes. 


Founded by Quindara Lazenbury (educator, writer, and woman-prenuer) in 2016. After years of using homemade products that suited her dry skin and sensitivities, Quindara decided now is the time to share her products with the world. In 2015, a life-changing moment occurred when Quindara experienced a breast cancer scare and was advised by her gynecologist to limit the use of deodorants, specifically ones that contain aluminum. It was at that point when Quindara decided to stop using traditional deodorant and make her own.

She detoxed for three weeks (using nothing but soap and water,) while researching recipes and ingredients to create her own deodorant.


During this time Quindara found the courage to start a natural body care line for women who prioritize holistic health and wellness. Laven's products stimulate ritual; a traditional component of self-care. From shower to work or play --, you can use Laven Body Care to encourage joy, love, laughter, relaxation, and inner peace. 

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